Forensic Technology Services

This is where Cyber ​​Legends Forensic can help. With a combination of knowledge, experience and technology, our company supports their customers in their efforts to achieve the highest levels of compliance and efficiency in managing records and information, as well as developing repeatable and effective business processes to meet legal and regulatory requirements. . for electronically stored information (ESI) and for the collection, processing and efficient storage of ESI for review and production.

Our team service begins with an all-encompassing Electronic Reference Model (EDRM) approach. This integrated approach enables us to provide an Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) service that enables organizations to make measurable improvements in the quality and efficiency of their review teams.
Cyber ​​Legends provides technology, processing capabilities, and professional support to help enterprise customers reduce investigative, compliance and litigation costs in the areas of evidence and discovery management, as well as acquire, analyze, and manage large ESIs. Recording.