Anti-Money Laundering and Trade Sanctions Services

Cyber ​​Legends award-winning Anti-Money Laundering and Trading Global Forensics Team is uniquely positioned to help member company customers protect themselves from criminals and the increasingly aggressive actions of regulators. Whether you’re designing and implementing new operating models, removing problems from the past, designing and testing controls, or changing a company’s culture and capabilities, our team works with the world’s largest financial institutions.

In addition to providing advisory services, the Global Anti-Money Laundering and Trade Sanctions team has several unique resources that can be used to improve compliance and reduce costs. Our customer rehabilitation center technology and Astrus monitoring tools are unique on the market and used by several large financial institutions to create stable processes without breaking the bank.

The Cyber ​​Legends forensic team has conducted anti-money laundering (AML) assessments worldwide and has contributed to some of the greatest AML investigations and rehabilitation programs in recent history. Whether we are actively helping financial institutions improve their programs or responding to government orders, our professionals offer assistance in addressing the many areas of anti-drug program enhancement that the financial community is looking for in today’s marketplace.