Network Security Monitoring

Our multi-layered approach to monitoring network security.
Avoid the risk of unexpected interruptions, slow network reactions and network outages with our unique layered security approach. We monitor your network using real-time threat and intelligence from government and private sector insights already used by some of the safest circles, including the US Department of Homeland Security. We go beyond 24-hour detection and round-the-clock security log monitoring and include Security Center (SOC) services and threat blocking by certified security analysts.

While some services shut down after the warning, our security analysts investigate and prioritize threats to determine if such action is justified. In this case, we will take steps on your behalf to block ongoing incidents to minimize response time and potential crashes, while focusing on your core business functions.

Achieve a higher level of network surveillance systems to protect customer and patient records, financial data, confidential and internal data, personal information and other electronic assets. Ensure that key regulations such as PCI, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA and FACTA are followed, NIST 800-53 and FERPA.

Our turnkey network protection.

Work with a trusted managed security service provider (MSSP) that can protect your network in just a few hours without installing any equipment. Empower your business with industry-leading knowledge and appropriate security intelligence on day one, as well as real-time threat monitoring, compliance reporting, and response support.

We put you in control by allowing you to view and monitor your environment in real time on your secure online portal. View advanced analytics, extract logs and run one of our 300+ pre-built reports, fully customizable for your industry and environment. Find more effective and efficient network security monitoring with comprehensive data archives to support auditing and a high-level, easy-to-understand overview that shows exactly what’s happening at any given moment.

Network security monitoring includes:

  1. Round the clock SOC (Security Operations Center) services
  2. Real-time threat monitoring
  3. Intelligence and threat detection
  4. Management, storage, correlation and storage registers
  5. Managed compliance reporting
  6. Archives and managed searches
  7. Monitoring firewall / IDS / IPS log files
  8. Access to a certified security analyst
  9. Assistance in responding to data breaches
  10. Custom rules for your organization created by security professionals
  11. 24/7 monitoring and escalation
  12. Daily, weekly, or monthly email reports
  13. Support for audit requests
  14. Government partnership