Python Programming

25,000 6,250

Number of Projects in Course: 5
Course Duration: 2-Months
Course Instructor: Muhammad Umair



Getting Started with Python

A pre-requisite for

(Artificial Intelligence, Data-Science, Machine Learning, Intelligent Web, Image Processing)

Course-Prerequisite: Basic programming understanding is a plus

Course Outline:

1. Course Introduction
2. Command-Line Fundamentals (Windows, Linux)
3. Python Setup
4. Introduction to IDEs for Python Development (Jupyter Notebook, PyCharm)
5. Numbers Operators and Comments
6. Variable and String
7. Boolean and Conditional Logic
8. Mini-Project-1 (Rock Paper Scissor)
9. Looping in Python
10. Mini-Project-2 (Guessing Game)
11. Lists (Python Data Structures)
12. Dictionaries (Python Data Structures)
13. Tuple and Sets (Python Data Structures)
14. Functions
15. Lambda and Built-in Function
16. Mini-Project-4 (Snake and Ladder)
17. Debugging and Error Handling
18. Modules
19. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
20. Mini-Project-5 (Deck of Cards)
21. OOP Part-2 (Inheritance and Polymorphism)
22. Iterators
23. Decorators
24. Testing with Python
25. File Handling
26. Working with CSV and Pickling
27. Making HTTP Requests with Python
28. Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup
29. Web Scraping Project-5 (Quotes/News Scraping)
30. Regular Expressions