About Cyber Legends

CyberLegends was founded in November 2018. Cyber Legends is a Software Company & the best IT Training hub in Pakistan. Cyber Legends came up with many amended solutions for executing business with less effort. there are companies still probing for a way to get a solution that will help them to execute the error of their everyday operations free and with facileness. Each firm is different, carries out different services, and hence the software solutions needed by them to plan and execute their work are withal different. Our team considers the need of such firms and creates a  product that will well suit their business. Few commit to quality,    whereas others on timely delivery, but we promise to meet the customer’s demand within the deadline,    providing guaranteed quality work with satisfaction.

We operate using a managed services model that provides proactive IT support in Various Cities. With our subscription model,  we’re able to deliver enterprise-level  IT support at an affordable and consistent monthly rate. Our main objective is to help small business owners get the IT support they need while enabling them to effectively budget IT expenses. All of our services are customized to the unique needs of the businesses that we serve.

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At Cyber Legends, we hope for a world where technology and innovation can play a part on improving the lives of as many people as possible. Even though most our clients are businesses, we also offer services  to individuals at price packages economical enough for people at large. Our business model established this inclination, alongside giving importance to sophisticated design and environment-friendly policy.

Nation leading professional service provider by exploring and utilizing the unique ideas in the world of digital technologies.


As an information technology company excelling in the development of high-end applications and technological support, we intend to play a leading role in catering to the needs of businesses at the forefront of today’s corporate realm. By developing as many tools as businesses required to make their operations more efficient across all stages, we hope to serve not only the scale of emerging requirements but also the nature of these. Our IT services include seamless web and graphic design, app development, database design, and administration, system administration, strategic consultation, and Information Technology training.