Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, it is possible for a candidate can apply for a particular course online. Visit the official website www.cyberlegends.org here, you can find the details and online application form. The procedure makes it easy for the candidate outside Lahore to register for a particular course and start learning.

Cyberlegends training has the right to accept or reject the admission application to any of its courses. The rejection usually occurs if the candidate not fulfills the admission requirement or not up to the selection criteria for a particular course.

The registration fee that a candidate has to pay for the course depends on the time duration of that particular course. For example:

  1. – PKR 2,000 for 1Month to 3Months courses
  2. – PKR 5,000 for 6Months courses
  3. – PKR 10,000 for 1Year Courses

Cyberlegends does not prioritize admissions on any standard. All the programs are first-come, first, serve basis. Once all the seats are filled, we will not take any further enrolments.

Yes, for every course or program, the qualification requirement is different. Moreover, it depends on the course outline, education level, or skill level.

Cyberlegends students are only allowed to come 1 hour before class and can stay up to 1 hour after the class. Staying on the campus other than the mention time frame is considering a violation of discipline, and the administration can take strict action against the breach.

In the class, attendance will be marked in the first 10 minutes when the class started. Moreover, every student has to maintain 80% attendance in the registered course. Otherwise will not be entitled to the certification—further the late coming and early leaving without any notice or valid reason mark as an absent.

Certificate of completion of the course will be awarded within a month after the course completion.

After the provided time frame, PNY is not responsible for the damage or loss of certification.

Yes, you can switch to any other course, but it will cost you a swap fee. Moreover, you can request a course swap within 7 days from the commencement of classes.

In case Cyberlegends Training cancels the course due to any reason, the candidates will get a complete 100% refund for the course.